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About the Author

Denise M. Baran-Unland had an asthmatic childhood, which fostered indoor hobbies of reading and writing. She has six kids (mostly adult now), three adult stepchildren, thirteen grandchildren (bio and step), six godchildren, and four cats. She taught features writing for two years at a homeschool coop, with the students' work published in the co-op magazine and The Herald-News in Joliet, Illinois . She is currently the features editor at The Herald-News. To read Denise's feature stories, visit.



About Kathleen R. Van Pelt, Illustrator for "Bryony."
Kathleen R. Van Pelt is a freelance illustrator who works mostly in oils and pen and ink mediums. She is originally from Chicago, where she received her bachelor of fine art from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kathleen now resides in Minnesota where its natural beauty and her “fur associates” (cats, dog, and mouse) inspire her to create “nature fantasy” images. Visit her at 



About Matt Coundiff, Illustrator for "Visage" and the Official BryonySeries Cookbook, Memories in the Kitchen: Bites and Nibbles from 'Bryony.'"

Matt Coundiff is a freelance illustrator and artist at A Thin Line Tattoo in Plainfield. Matt enjoys drawing tribal images and designs with hidden letters, but he'll tackle any art-related project. His favorite mediums are colored pencil and marker, although he has experimented with watercolors and acrylics. Matt is married to a beautiful woman; they have two awesome children. Contact Matt at,



About Christopher Gleason, Illustrator of "Staked!" and "Snowbell

Christopher is a sales professional that also utilizes his keen communication skills in both drawing and writing. Although Gleason did illustrate his high school's arts magazine, Gleason's visual art is reserved mostly for family and a few close friends. Gleason has written about parenting, politics, faith, healthy lifestyle choices, and the importance of working to attain personal goals; one of Gleason's is to write music lyrics. Gleason also enjoys writing stories that involve heroes as main characters. He is currently writing his first novel.


About Sue Mydliak, Illustrator for the "Adventures of Cornell Dyer" chapter book series

Sue lives in Illinois with her husband and has been writing for 10 years.

            She started writing when the book “Twilight” first came out and fell in love with the paranormal genre.

            Since then, she has written and published many books. For more information and to purchase her books and artwork, visit suemydliak.wordpress.com and fineartamerica.com/profiles/sue-midlock.html.


About Terri Ellinger
Terri Ellinger has a degree in creative arts from the University of St. Francis in Joliet. She specializes in watercolor, gouache, pencil, colored pencil, mixed media and ink. She enjoys doing custom portraits of people, places and pets.  She recently self-published several books and created her own covers. Terri has also displayed her work at galleries and festival s in the Chicago area. Contact her at terrie123@comcast.net. For more information, visit "Fine Art by Terri Ellinger at bit.ly/2DMVBP6


About the Administrator Emeritus
Sarah Stegall is married to a wonderful man and is the mother of an 11-year old boy. In her free time (there's free time?!?) she tests out new vegan recipes, Sarah is the media contact for BryonySeries, the creator of the first website, and designer of the Bryony not-for-profit cookbook: "Memories in the Kitchen: Bites and Nibbles from Bryony."  She is very interested in fitness. As an avid reader and problem solver, Sarah can usually be found with her nose in a book or learning a new skill.


About the Publicist Emeritus

Dulcinea Hawkworth is a freelance writer and independent public relations specialist with an insatiable passion for art, music and social justice.  She has a degree in Business/Communications from NIU and has worked in Corporate Advertising and Marketing, which evolved into Community Outreach and Public Relations for non-profits and local artists in Will County and surrounding areas. In her spare time Dulcinea enjoys biking, sculpting, painting, and spending time with her family in the south suburbs. To reach Dulcinea,



About the BryonySeries Computer Administrator Emeritus

The former owner and operator of Channahon Computer Repair, Christopher Baran is now owns and operates Affordable Technology Repair with the ability to service customers in-person the Will and Grundy County areas and consult with those outside the area. Visit Affordable Technology Repair on Facebook at



About the Book Designer and Website Designer Emeritus
Rebekah Baran has worked on the website for many years. Lately she has taken a step back to learn new skills and to focus on other areas of expertise. She spends more of her time formatting and checking manuscripts and acts as a consultant for the BryonySeries website. When Rebekah is away from her desk and not designing websites or formatting manuscripts she is in the kitchen training to be a pastry chef. We thank Rebekah for all of her hard work and her time. Without her many of ideas would still only be ideas. To reach Rebekah,



About the Composer for the "Bryony" theme song and the CD "The Best-Loved Compositions of John Simons"

James Onohan grew up in a musical family and taught himself piano in his pre-teen years. He briefly studied at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, Illinois. James works as a police officer in Indiana but has kept his passion for music. James has produced several albums of his own compositions and is available for weddings, private parties, and other events. James wrote and recorded "The Best-Loved Compositions of John Simons" (including its theme song "Bryony"), the album featured in the BryonySeries. James' free time is spent with family. To purchase his music or book an event, visit



About the Filmmaker for the "Bryony" Book Trailer and the "Bryony" Music Video

Stephen Tuplin has always loved film and wanted to work in the film business since childhood. A graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago, Stephen is a passionate filmmaker, and he loves to work one on one with his actors. Stephen is a great collaborator and enjoys brainstorming with his cast and crew. He expresses his films in a wide, panoramic and black and white visual. He is also an enthusiastic photographer and an outgoing "people person." To contact Stephen, 



About Josh Siegers, Videographer for the "Bryony" Book Tralier and "Bryony" Music Video 

Josh is the Owner/Manager of JKS Productions. At the age of 10, Josh developed a passion for filmmaking, which he still has today. Now a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy’s Film/Broadcast Program with a focus in broadcast, Josh enjoys shooting and editing live events, especially weddings. He likes sports, especially basketball and baseball. His credits include music videos, how-to videos, short films, and numerous weddings. Visit him at 



About the Victorian Expert

The vague and mysterious Dr. Victor Ravensmark is as vague and mysterious as his pseudonym. Dr. Ravensmark is a fan of the Victorian era, especially post-1870s American Victorian. Since part of Bryony takes place in upper Michigan in the early 1890s, Dr. Ravensmark kindly agreed to occasionally share some of his knowledge of the time period.


About the Co-Author for The Adventures of Cornell Dyer Chapter Book Series and the BryonySeries designer 

Timothy Baran joined the team in 2018 when he took over the role of redesigning the website and became the co-author for the Cornell Dyer series. Timothy like clean simple designs and is in the process of working with the BryonySeries team in creating a new design umbrella for the entire world. He likes writing dark poetry and stories whose style mimic C. S. Lewis, his favorite author. But he especially loves his cat Midnight, whom he raised from a kitten.