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The darkness appears...

"Before the Blood" is an enthralling five-novel prequel to the BryonySeries "Drop of Blood" trilogy, delving into a world rich with Faustian elements where the lives of four central characters intertwine toward a tragic conclusion. From the opulent rises and falls of John Simons in Book One to Kellen Wechsler's gripping ascent from destitution in Book Two, the series explores the delicate existence of Bryony Marseilles in Book Three and follows Henry Matthews' dramatic transformation in Book Four. The heart-wrenching conclusion in Book Five brings together Bryony Simons and her companions, facing the consequences of shattered dreams in a tale of love, loss, and the destructive forces that shape lives. "Before the Blood" promises an epic journey through triumph and tragedy, unveiling the intricate web of choices that mold the destinies of its unforgettable characters.

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