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Animals in Bryony

Melissa Marchellis and her brother Brian own both a cat and a dog while living in Munsonville.

John Simons, famous composer, had some of the first Arabian horses in the United States. 
Julie Drake, Melissa's friend, had cats. 

Harold Masters,' a teacher at the local school, owned a Siberian Husky. 

Melissa encounters a Newfoundland at the Humane Society that takes a huge liking to her.

Simons' Woods is full of wild life.
 Munsonville Lake is a popular fishing spot. The lake has more than just fish, including: turtles, leeches, and water fowl.
Humane Society
The animals in Bryony are important to the story.

Here are some links that will help you own an animal similar to the ones in Bryony. If you are not interested in adopting an animal, you can certainly make a donation, (doesn't always have to be monetary) to help out other organizations that help animals.

The Will County Humane Society, located in Shorewood, Il

The Salem Ranch Program in Il has horse auctions to fund the work they do with Children.



Big Run Wolf Ranch is a federally licensed non-profit educational facility specializing in North American wildlife. They focus on educating the public and providing rescue.

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