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BryonySeries Inaugural Blog Tour:
Schedule of Stops
Tour host: Holly Coop 
May 7: "On the Other Side of the Veil"
June 4:  TurnAbout Tour: Holly Coop

Tour host: Tom Hernandez
May 15: "Staked!" and Social Justice​
June 12: TurnAbout Tour: Tom Hernandez
May 1: Take a Virtual Road Trip with Me? (introduction to the tour)
Tour host: Vanessa Stephens 
May 21: 10 Reasons Why Gothic Fiction is Awesome​
June 18:  TurnAbout Tour: Vanessa Stephens
Tour host: Sue Mydliak
May 14: BryonySeries Vampires 1 to 10
June 11: TurnAbout Tour: Sue Mydliak
Tour host: Robert Hafey
May 22: Boomhood and BryonySeries
June 19: TurnAboutTour: Robert Hafey
Tour host: Topher Gleason
May 28: Heroism in the Workplace
June 25: TurnAbout Tour: Topher Gleason
Tour Host: Allie Rios
May 29: BryonySeries for Families
June 26: TurnAbout Tour: Allie Rios
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