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The Mysterious Man.

John's enjoyment was the piano

John Simons was a renowned pianist/composer who arrived in Munsonville, Michigan, in the 1890's. His previous whereabouts have never been verified. Because of John's musical genius, he played in many famous concert venues around the world. Upon arriving in Munsonville, he was quick to court the pastor's daughter, Bryony. After their Christmas Eve wedding, his signature piece, Bryony. they became the town's celebrity couple, never absent from an invitation list, even as they initiated a whirlwind of events at Simons Mansion. Today, John is remembered for He composed it for his wife and named it simply so. After Bryony's death in childbirth, John Simons was never seen again. The speculation surrounding the mysterious disappearance only attributes to his notoriety. 

"A single, blank, sheet, salvaged from the fire that destroyed John's mansion in Munsonville." 

The Sound of John Simons
James Onohan, the composer for Bryony, shares many of John Simons' traits. Both are self-taught musicians, who play by ear. Both also like to compose late at night, are in the same age bracket, and are perfectionists. James, is truly the person to entertain our ears with those enchanting notes from Simons' Mansion.

John Simons often composed new pieces or played for his own enjoyment late at night. 

James Onohan

Composer of Bryony
James Onohan was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana. Both of his parents had musical backgrounds which inspired James to begin playing piano around age ten. By twelve, James was playing Mozart. Through his school years, he played in numerous school concerts. He realized music was really his passion and not a simple hobby. After high school, James attended Vandercook College of Music in Chicago. He didn't attend long. James didn't want to teach music; he wanted to play music. 
When James was 21, he was hired by Hammond Police Department in Indiana. He recently celebrated nine years with the department, but he hasn't lost his passion for the piano. In 2003 he released his first album, “My Life, My Music.” Between 2004 to 2006 he released two more albums and one Christmas album. Within eight years, James has written and recorded over thirty-five original compositions.

 Currently, James is writing original music for vocalists and new artists. His latest project is creating the Bryony theme song and composing ten new songs to be released under the title, “The Best Loved Compositions of John Simons." To view James’ website and to purchase his music, visit