The Steward of Tara

Like a treasure beneath a stormy dark sea

Are encrypted revelations in byrony

but the truth at its core,

with his limericks and lore

Is how ruthless Ed Calkins can be.


About the Real Ed Cailkins

Ed Calkins is a real, 50-something, proud of his Irish-heritage computer programmer and amateur writer who has also spent his entire life working in newspaper circulation.


Years ago, Calkins invented a "ruthless dictator" alter ego, also known as "The Steward of Tara." With Calkns' permission, the author furthered altered him to create a minor character in "Bryony," making Calkins the first Irish vampire of any significance.


Of course, Calkins claims "Bryony" is really all about him, so he is planning his own book signing, which he is calling, "The Ed Calkins Tour." There must be some truth in his sentiments, because Calkins' plot importance does grow with each novel.