"Never ever in all my travels, to all the places my feet have taken me, have I ever been to a nicer, a happier, a more wonderful place than the place I call home." - F.S.

    We hope that wherever you are, be it on a plane, or in a car, or just stealing a few hours of a lazy Saturday away for yourself, you find a little adventure, excitement, and joy through, not only our books and stories, but also this website. 

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    Grief stricken after a terrible loss, Melissa and her family move to a small remote fishing village to start a new life. Little does she know the dreams that she begins having are far more sinister... 

    Chilly morning._#chillymorning #forestpr

    Have you seen Bertrand? This clever mouse is always on the go and is happy to lend a helping...paw as he tackles life's challenges. He is always excited to make new friends!


    Join the incredible, impossible, and marvelous Professor Cornell Dyer as he unravels mysteries, untangles myths, and decides what to have for lunch.

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