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Jelly Cake


Yield:Approximately 2 dozen, depending on size



  • ½ pound sifted, white sugar

  • 6 ounces butter

  • 8 eggs, separated

  • 1 lemon, juice and grated rind

  • 1 pound flour, sifted

  • Butter

  • Jelly, any flavor



1. Cream butter and sugar.

2. Beat and strain yolks; beat egg whites to a stiff froth.

3. Add the eggs to the creamed mixture, then the lemon, then the flour.

4. Butter 8x8-inch or 9x13-inch pans and pour batter ¼ inch thick.

5. Bake at 325 to 350 degrees until a light brown, and cool on cake racks.

6. Spread layers with jelly and stack.

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